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Lasik Home Health Agency is a Healthcare agency that provides a wide range of health care services for patients with varying levels of need. Our goal as an organization, through education and supports for safe self-care at their homes in communities they’re familiar with helps them feel better while also allowing us the opportunity to enhance quality life experiences by providing emergency maintenance options on appliances or other items if needed so Patience can live comfortably. Our nurses can provide care to patients of any age, from infants to seniors. Our nursing team will work with your insurance to determine your eligibility for nursing care.

Our nurses are highly skilled and trained on the following:

*Medication administration and management:

We think Medication management is the most important aspect of nursing because it ensures that patients are properly treated.

*Supplemental nutrition:
One of the most important things a nurse can do is to encourage patients with supplemental nutrition.

*Pain control and management:

A nurse’s role in pain control and management is to ensure that all patients receive the right amount of pain medication.

*Encouragement and counselling:

Nurses are a vital part of the healthcare system. They provide encouragement and counselling to patients through their care.

*Behavioural and developmental disability care:

A professional nurse is someone who works with people of all ages and different abilities. A caring nurse provides help for clients’ daily needs, such as personal hygiene or taking medication. They also provide medical treatment to make a patient stay more comfortable.

*Updating physician about health changes and progress:

During a patient’s stay, nurses keep physicians up to date with health changes and progress.

*Post-operative care and wound care:

The post-operative care and wound care by nurses at our medical center are top-notch. We follow up with patients weekly to make sure the incision site is healing well.

*Behavioral and developmental disability care:

Our Nurses are specially trained to provide care for patients with behavioral and developmental disabilities. They can work in various settings, such as hospitals and residential facilities.

*Supervisory visits for the home health aide:

The supervisory visits for home health aides are an important part of the process. The purpose is to make sure that the patient is being taken care of and all specifications are met.


Lasik Home Healthcare Proudly Serves Communities Located In Porter & Lake County Indiana. We are committed to continuous performance improvement, providing the highest level of patient care, and endeavoring to reduce our patient’s risk of harm.

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We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the process and what we can do to provide for the needs of you or your loved one. Please contact one of our caring team members to learn more about the services we provide and how we can care for you or loved one. Whether you prefer phone, email, or in-person conversations, we’re here for you.