Occupational Therapy


Occupational therapy is a holistic discipline that emphasizes improving life skills. Participating in an occupational program for seniors usually takes place after an injury, chronic illness, or mental health condition and helps people live more independently by incorporating meaningful activities to promote participation in everyday life. Our occupational therapists at Lasik Home Health are trained to assess a patient’s cognitive ability and use behavioural modifications, as well as help the family caregiver with any safety issues in their home. The therapist will also educate them on how they can best care for their loved ones during this time of memory loss. Occupational therapy is crucial at different stages when it involves handling dementia; especially early-onset or mild cases before personality changes become more apparent – where patients may appear confused about who you are but still recognize familiar faces around them(occupational).

What are the Advantages of Occupational Therapy for seniors?

Occupational therapists work with their patients to create an environment in which they can thrive and feel comfortable while improving the quality of life by assisting with daily living functions such as cooking meals on your own time – all without having you give up working!
Improves Health & Wellness – Occupational therapy is an approach that can help seniors live healthier, happier lives. Occupation therapists work with their clients to redesign the way they do things for them to have a greater quality of life and remain mobile without risking falls due at least partly from poor balance or other motor skill impairments caused by aging processes like stiff muscles which make it difficult for some people move around easily on flat surfaces such as sidewalks where cracks may appear unexpectedly before you know what’s happening when someone trips over these imperfections while walking outside during inclement weather conditions

Overcomes Challenges Occupational therapy helps seniors compensate for some of the challenges they face each day, whether it be dressing, feeding, and managing their home or participating in social activities. Occupation therapist can also provide helpful devices like bathtub benches that make life easier by providing support while getting into bathtubs on one’s own; grab bars which increase stability when using toilets (and other personal items) during bathroom time at night-time without lighting anything up because there are no lights inside cabinets whooshing around! Seniors learn ways to optimize homes so full participation is promoted – this includes learning how easy things become if you have everything.

Assist Caregivers — Occupational therapists are the key to making sure that a caregiver can maintain their own life while caring for an aged loved one. They assess family members and help them make better decisions about how best to handle each person’s daily needs.


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