Licensed Medical Social Work


Licensed Medical Social Workers are compassionate professionals that lead support group discussions and help patients with serious or chronic illnesses. Our team of highly skilled professionals can offer home care services that will ensure your loved ones receive the best possible attention from Lasik Home Healthcare.

The Medical Social Worker’s role is not only providing emotional support but also assisting clients through mental health issues such as anxiety attacks so they can live life more fully while maintaining their quality of living by working closely together towards goals set forth at the first consultation.

Licensed Medical Social Workers are available to coordinate between practitioners and patients. The loss of a loved one is always difficult, and it can be even more irresistible, when many people need your help. You may find yourself feeling like you’re not enough or that no matter what happens someone will still experience such deep pain for years to come. We offer everything from pain management advising & depression treatment options as well as supportive casework so our clients know they have someone on their side during this process to support them emotionally while also giving practical advice about how best to handle situations going forward after receiving care at home has begun etc.

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